Debt Collection

Victoria is available to help creditors who are seeking to collect on debts owed to them.  There are a variety of circumstances under which individuals or small businesses may have entered into payment arrangements with debtors or business partners but are not receiving the promised payments.  It is important to understand that there are statutory requirements that require a lawsuit to enforce a debt to be brought within a specific time frame, depending upon the circumstances of the debt.  If negotiations for repayment of the debt are unsuccessful, and a lawsuit for enforcement of the debt must be filed, creditors must understand the implication and the remedies if the debtor files for bankruptcy relief.  Victoria will work with creditors to determine the remedies which may be available to creditors both within the Bankruptcy Court, and potentially in State Court after obtaining an order for relief from the automatic stay.  After judgment is received against the debtor, Victoria can enforce the judgment in order to expedite collection of the debt.